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As Above So Below™

Game Designer | Level Designer | UI/UX Designer | Programmer

It was awesome to work on "As Above So Below" (AASB) with fellow Games For Love interns, and great to JAM with all the other global volunteer game developers too. Our small team of 5 was able to produce an amazing result over the 48 hours of the Global Game Jam 2022.

You can view the project page here.

We've decided to continue the development of the project, communicating through Discord for bi-weekly sprints. As the narrative has expanded, so has the scope.  The level structure has recently changed from a collection of vertical scrolling puzzle-style block mazes to a linear level-based 2d platformer that retains the original gravity-swapping mechanic, and introduces new characters, bosses, and environments. All while exploring Greek to create an original setting.

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