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Neon Pomegranate Logo

Tools: Traditional Mixed Media, Illustrator, Photoshop, Gravity Sketch (VR).

  • Neon Pomegranate Logo, iteration and re-design.

  • Refreshed brand image through logo re-design for the indie-game studio Neon Pomegranate. The NP logo changes dynamically to highlight subject matter or visual identities (color aesthetic moods) for each major release, while keeping recognition of its original style and readability.

  • Uniquely connects the brand to the games, generates repeated interest and conversation, and engages player.

  • The logo has iterated many times since 2018, the image set covers the original scratch paper concept, vector-based line cleanup-work in Illustrator, original graphic art created with photoshop, and in-VR logo creation using Gravity Sketch, and Particulate.

EFB Monogram Logo

Tools: Traditional Mixed Media, Illustrator, Photoshop, OpenBrush(VR), Unity

  • Wanted a monogram of my initials to use as a signature or game studio logo.

  • Developed by hand, and made variations with Photoshop.

  • Incorporated to websites, physically printed business cards, PAX-Build of Frisson, VR Build title Screen, and other digital content.

The Merch Shop, Neon Pomegranate