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Frisson, EFB, Neon Pomegranate, Early Access, Unedited Requiem

Frisson™ is a single-player press start to play arcade game with an unlockable story, branching paths, achievements, and high-velocity audio-visual gameplay, set to an infinite-runner sci-fi vapor core. It features awesome music, heavy neon influence, randomly generated hazards, and audio-visualized stages, all interconnected with an arcade-style dark vapor story.


Collect fragments of memories to rebuild the story of a near hopeless past, as you race toward the horizon in an endless fight for survival, to escape or renew a world crumbling on the brink of destruction.

Frisson, EFB, Neon Pomegranate, Early Access, Unedited Requiem

As Above So Below™ (AASB) is as a gravity-shifting 2d side-scrolling platformer enhanced by fantastical abilities and a unique cast of characters set within an expansive fictional world inspired by Greek mythos.

The Consortium Apotheosis was created to gather an unfiltered community, champion skills development, and build a limitless resource archive.

EFB consortium apotheosis discord

"You seek it don't you, gift?" "Well, here's a gift for you."

I've crafted 150 one-of-a-kind and distinctly similar Masks through MidJourney for those seeking to be both recognized individually and clandestine amongst peers. Masks are available to the first 150 community members to join the Consortium Apotheosis Discord Community server and @UneditedRequiem requesting Apotheosis. Use your mask as your server avatar to join the Growing Few entered into a chance to have your new visage appear within Frisson, or a future title within the expanding universe.


*The mask above is animated, and not available for the raffle. Eligible masks are still, and selected randomly from the pool.


Education and experience focused in the design and development of traditional and digital video games, XR, and technical training.


A determined and straight forward self starter, and an optimistic and pliable collaborator.


Solo, I've designed, developed, and presented digital game prototypes from incubation to playable demos for investors and nationwide reveal at PAX (North Americas largest video game and technology convention). And taken scratch paper designs through iteration to produce new brands and associated online retail clothing and merchandise lines.

Through teamwork on projects, or within the community for impact, I've facilitated curriculum in Game Design for charity, and coordinated worldwide to organize teams helping to create video games for Children's Hospitals.


I'm accustomed to navigating complex projects with dynamic scopes and immovable deadlines, exercising foundational and creative problem solving, and clearly communicating technical information to stakeholders and managers across multiple departments.

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