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Tool: NVidia Canvas

3d/VR in-game skyboxes created through a combination of hand-painted environmental design using generative AI brushes.

  • WIP surreal concept landscapes to realistic 8k-Quixel Megascan capability.

  • Beta version of AI hand painting tool by NVidia called "CANVAS"

  • Easy to bring into Unity for use in VR games and experiences.

  • Pro: Great early application with a bright future.

  • Cons: Visual scale is a difficult read

  • Both: The generated "paint" is an easier learning curve though has little variety dot for dot, reference images and lighting are great changes to counter this current limit.

Tool: Gravity Sketch

Frisson ship concept 3d modeled entirely within a VR development environment.

  • In-VR diagram or image reference wireframing using Gravity Sketch.

  • Referenced ship components, changed geometry using Sub-D modeling process, created new player ships from existing asset.

  • Use-case assets for Frisson's "infinite horizon mode" and online multiplayer (stretch goals).

Tool: OpenBrush, Unity, Adobe Premiere Pro

Frisson Main Title Screen Tests