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Tools: PC w/ ElGato HD60 S Capture Card, NVidia 1080ti, Cyberpunk 2077

Adobe Premiere Pro, Office, YouTube

"Evocation" a Cyberpunk 2077 Short Film

Dominant themes:

  • First person perspective.

  • Vertical downward movement/Oppressive.

  • Grid divisional framing.

  • Tonal affinity.

  • Flat space.

  • Fade to black, additive dissolve, and cut transitions.

  • Audio synchronicity.

  • All indoor/inside vehicle shots are 2-point perspective, and when lit blatantly still use a monochromatic color pallet and tonal affinity.

Evocation:  noun

1. the act of bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind.

2. the action of invoking a spirit or deity. "the evocation of wandering spirits"

I created “Evocation” for educational use and submitted it as my Film Studies/Mass Communications final.  All video used was captured in-game from Cyberpunk 2077.  The encounter is from an intense and fast-paced scenario near the beginning of the game in a place called “Night City”. The song is “Nightfall” by Mimi Page, from the Dark Soundtrack. Each is haunting and beautiful, and that affinity intertwines the film. My main goal was to take a pre-scripted in-game event of frantic, time-sensitive, cyber-ballistic warfare, and tell a different story through an unspoken narrative through unedited music and video editing.

YouTube Link:

Download the primary shot-by-shot theme and direction breakdown here.

Tools: MidJourney, Plota-Graph, LeiaPix.

Manual use of tools to create content specific motion animation from AI-generated still images.

Frisson title image, Neon Pomegranate, video games, FRISSON, VR, MidJourney, Gravity Sketch, Particulate, Unedited Requiem

Animation tool assisted manual motion design implementation upon AI-generated still images.

    • Image generated in MidJourney

    • Top Right: Shows a basic process done using tool.

    • Left and Bottom Right: Show a manual, multi-layered and value-anchored addition of motion using Plotagraph.

      • Software and Service are currently unavailable.

Tools: Figma, Fig Motion, Photoshop, VSHMTL, CSS, Wix Web Builder, VS Code

Mobile application path-mapping, data visualization, presentations, visual rewards systems, and sharable-interactive prototyping.